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This Place Scares Us - A Podcast


And Welcome to: This Place Scares Us

We are a podcast that talks about all of the things that scare us.  Come to us to hear all of the strange, disturbing reasons why literature, movies, serial killers, and strange events make your skin crawl and your spine tingle.  Also, enjoy the strange forays into the unknown: Who and Why is Lee Iacoca(?), Billy Eichner fan-girling, repeatedly saying "Blessed Be", and oh so much more!

Thanks for checking us out!


Katya and Laramie

(with support from Ryan and Davey)

Jun 4, 2018

Hello Dear Listeners,

We've received so many wonderful messages from some of you and want to extend our sincere thanks. You are all what make this podcast great!  Please continue to write to us and let us know what you think or tell us your spooky stories.  We have truly enjoyed our past two episodes sharing scary stories with friends, and discussing a horror classic with The Birds.  This weeks episode is much less fun and so very tragic in the way that only true events can be.

Join us this week as we discuss the beautiful life and horrific death of PFC LaVena Johnson.  We have a long discussion about the American military, and their alleged involvement in what appears to be a very suspicious death.  If you want to learn even more about the events we discuss in this episode please look into some of the wonderful independent journalism surrounding the Johnson family's struggle to learn what happened to their daughter.  Our deepest respect, and sympathy goes out to the Johnson family.

Please remember to stay safe dear listeners.  We love you all and sincerely hope the world changes for the better.


Katya and Laramie