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This Place Scares Us - A Podcast


And Welcome to: This Place Scares Us

We are a podcast that talks about all of the things that scare us.  Come to us to hear all of the strange, disturbing reasons why literature, movies, serial killers, and strange events make your skin crawl and your spine tingle.  Also, enjoy the strange forays into the unknown: Who and Why is Lee Iacoca(?), Billy Eichner fan-girling, repeatedly saying "Blessed Be", and oh so much more!

Thanks for checking us out!


Katya and Laramie

(with support from Ryan and Davey)

Aug 27, 2018

Hi Dear Listeners,

We are getting so close to the spooky season and fall time, and today in Montana really feels like the end of summer. Do you believe in aliens dear listeners?  Have you had an otherworldly experience? 

Katya and Laramie discuss the spooky abduction of Travis Walton this week.  Much discussion is had on if aliens exist or not, and if aliens actually abduct people.  Also, alien fashion and alien measurements are a major topic of interest this episode.  Do you believe in Alien Coveralls?

This past week marked the one year anniversary of This Place Scares Us!  We appreciate you all so very much, and hope you enjoy this week's episode.  Join us dear listeners for another fun episode, and thank you all for a wonderful fun year!


Katya and Laramie