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This Place Scares Us - A Podcast


And Welcome to: This Place Scares Us

We are a podcast that talks about all of the things that scare us.  Come to us to hear all of the strange, disturbing reasons why literature, movies, serial killers, and strange events make your skin crawl and your spine tingle.  Also, enjoy the strange forays into the unknown: Who and Why is Lee Iacoca(?), Billy Eichner fan-girling, repeatedly saying "Blessed Be", and oh so much more!

Thanks for checking us out!


Katya and Laramie

(with support from Ryan and Davey)

Jun 3, 2019

Hello Dear Listeners,

If you haven't heard, we're back!  The winter/grad school/moving blues got us down for a bit, but we are all sorted out and ready to go. We are bringing you some Christmas in June fun and festivities with this week's topic!

Gremlins, released on June 8 1984 and directed by Joe Dante, is this week's topic.  To say that this episode is near and dear to Laramie's heart is an understatement.  Join us to find out why camp, creep, and consumerism make this the perfect holiday movie to binge watch on your DVR or VCR.  Also, Katya drops some knowledge on the origin of the Mogwai name, and why colonialism may be the scariest part of the movie.

We want to give a very special shout out to all of you that have stuck with us though the break in this fun little project.  We'll do better to keep the creepy goofiness coming your way!


Katya and Laramie